My #21B (tied) Favourite Album of 2013: Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2

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While I haven’t heard the original Blue Chips album/mixtape, I can say I enjoy Action Bronson’s music based on projects like Rare Chandeliers and SAAAB Stories.  I think this is my first time hearing any Party Supplies production, and I can say it’s really enjoyable yet strange at the same time; enjoyably strange.  A lot of these beats have some weird samples that you wouldn’t expect to be made into a rap beat (although a couple of them have been used by The Pharcyde and CunninLynguists), but Action Bronson is the perfect rapper to let these beats see the light of day with.  If you’ve never heard Action Bronson rap before, he tends to let the rhyme guide where the content goes, which also leads to some hilarious lyrics (similar to how I myself like to write my own rap songs).

Similar to the album I have this tied with on the countdown, this one has a lot of fun rap about nothing in particular.  Action Bronson may not have a versatile flow, but he flows with precision and consistently shines with clever rhymes and comedy.  His style of comedy can be graphic and disgusting (like Family Guy) to some, but obviously I’m the type of guy that can dig it.  I find I have to be in a joking type of mood to vibe with this mixtape, as Action Bronson doesn’t shy away from playing the clown and getting laughed at.  This is essentially what Rick Ross would sound like if he was a talented rapper; lots of fat jokes, bad sex jokes, food references and cartoony drug raps.

My Joint:

My Grade (based on how well I connected with it, no disrespect if your experience was different): B

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