My #16 Favourite Album of 2014: Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM – NehruvianDOOM

Underground legend MF DOOM’s latest project is a collaboration with young, up-and-coming emcee, Bishop Nehru.  DOOM is one of my favourite artists, but for this album he barely raps and mostly handles the production.  Most of the rapping is handled by Bishop Nehru, as this is probably the biggest project of his young career.  It’s been a while since DOOM handled production duties for an entire album; the last time was Masta Ace’s 2012 album Son of Yvonne, and that was mostly him selecting beats from DOOM’s old catalogue.

NehruvianDOOM starts off with an intro skit made up of quirky samples DOOM has been known to use.  DOOM’s genius shows on the first actual song, “Om”, as he uses the meditation chant as the bass for the beat.  Bishop Nehru attacks the track with some dope braggadocios raps before diving into more sentimental songs about relationships (or a lack thereof).  Things pick up with the lead single “Darkness” followed by “Coming For You”, as Bishop Nehru raps about gearing up for the future; something anyone should be able to get behind.  DOOM finally appears out of nowhere to rap on “Caskets” and remains on the mic with Bishop for the remainder of the album, trading braggadocios verses with Nehru.

Overall, this is a solid but short album for both of these artists.  DOOM’s production is still great, and I always look forward to hearing new music from him.  I came in wanting to check out any project with DOOM’s name on it, but I’m now also a Bishop Nehru fan, and I will be looking out for his next album on Nas’ Mass Appeal label.  As an 18-year-old, Bishop Nehru doesn’t have much to say that will move me, but his style and technical skill as an emcee are all things to like about him, and we can expect him to grow into a great artist in the future.

My Grade: B

My Joint:


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