My #6 Favourite Album of 2014: Apathy – Connecticut Casual

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Timing is everything; this album may not have had the impact of some of the previous entries on the countdown, but it was the soundtrack to my whole summer.  As the title suggests, this is very much the opposite of the #7 album on the countdown, as it has a real laid-back, casual vibe to it.  From the beats to Apathy’s delivery, this album will get you casually nodding your head almost the entire time.  Ap’s style on this album is different from what we’re used to hearing when he works with The Demigodz or Army of the Pharaohs, as he uses his imagery to make you feel like you’re right there on the coast of Connecticut (his home state).

The album starts with the title track, and the familiar Red Hot Chili Peppers sample in the chorus puts you in the right vibe immediately.  We continue into the Connecticut mindstate with “Back In New England” and Ap continues to rap at a walking pace for most of the album.  After the braggadocios “Locals Only!”, Apathy has a few songs named after various historical murders, including “Curse of the Kennedys”, “Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)” and “Jack Ruby”.  Things get more philosophical over the next couple songs before Ap cranks the energy levels up for “Underground Chick”, where he uses a faster flow over a Smashing Pumpkins sample.  Things quickly get laid-back again with a comedic track “Beefin’ Over B*****s” before the album closer, “The Grand Leveler”.

Overall, I’m really digging Ap’s laid-back but confident style on this album.  I’m also loving the samples used in the production, like the George Michael saxophone on “Martha Moxley”, Red Hot Chili Peppers on the title track, and Jay-Z on “Curse of the Kennedys”.  The guest artists fit well for the most part, especially the Kappa Gamma choruses (I almost thought Ap somehow got 50 Cent on a track when I first heard “Money Makes The World Go Round”).  Some will say they prefer the more aggressive Apathy we’re used to hearing, but this more casual version of him fits my style perfectly.

My Grade: A-

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