Mixtape Review: Big Bad Baragon – Another Man’s Treasure: Sextape Vol. 1

Big Bad Baragon - Another Mans Treasure (Sextape Vol.1)

This review is a little different from what I usually do.  I usually like to write my reviews in paragraphs about the project as a whole, but for this one I collaborated with fellow blogger Wayne Maye and we went through the mixtape track-for-track in conversation format.  It was my first time listening to Newburgh, New York rapper Big Bad Baragon, and it should be your first time too (unless you’re already down with him)!  If you watch BET you might recognize him from 106 n’ Park‘s Freestyle Friday.  There is a link to stream or download the mixtape for free within the actual review, which we decided to host on Wayne’s blog since he’s been doing this longer than I have.  Check it out here:


My Joint:

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