Concert Review: Snow Tha Product at Wrongbar in Toronto


I first got put on to Snow Tha Product’s music after her high-profile guest appearance on Tech N9ne’s Something Else album last year, which led me to her most recent mixtape, Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover.  While I haven’t had a chance to go back and listen to her older work, this has been enough for me to want to check out her live show.  As mentioned in my Top 30 Countdown last year, her mixtape is filled with hype party tracks that are sure to get a crowd turned up.  Download her mixtape for free here, and don’t worry about getting Part 1, it’s the same mixtape with extra songs added.

There were a lot of firsts with this show.  For Snow Tha Product, the “F*** Your Plans (Come Kick It)” Tour was her first time headlining her own tour, and her first time coming up to Canada, officially giving her international recognition.  For me, it was my first time at this venue (Wrongbar), and my first time going to a show headlined by a female emcee.  While underground hip-hop is filled with female emcees who have to open for other artists, or even just make short guest appearances, it’s good to see someone like Snow pull off a tour like this on her own, especially on International Women’s Day.  Before she got on stage though, there were some opening acts.


I was a little late getting to the venue (I walked into the wrong bar, get it?), and there was already an opening act on stage when I showed up.  The building was kind of empty for the first couple opening acts.  Even though they were dope, the crowd was pretty dull during their sets; we could’ve done better.  They brought their energy regardless and seemed humble just to be there though.  The first major act was someone I’ve never heard of before: recent Cash Money Records signee and Florida native, Caskey.  I’m not a fan of anything Cash Money releases, but Caskey himself was pretty dope.  He got the mosh pit going, even jumping into the crowd a couple times, and he brought a blow-up doll for us to toss around.  I think he accomplished his goal of turning the bunch of us that had never heard his music before into “believers”; I just hope his label doesn’t have its usual negative influence on his music in the future.


Pretty soon after Caskey went to the merch booth to sign autographs, Snow Tha Product came on and started with some songs I don’t think I’ve heard before.  She had a huge bling’d-out ring, a hypeman, and her dancer NayNay with her.  She mentioned that half of her crew couldn’t make it past the Canadian border, so she got a few fans to come up on stage and dance during “Cali Luv”.  This was the most hype the crowd had gotten so far, as NayNay threw water at us when the drop hit during that dubstep-like chorus (a similar technique I’ve seen Method Man do numerous times).  Snow kept the crowd turned up for the rest of the night as she performed a bunch of songs off her Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2 mixtape.  She performed “Play”, “Lord Be With You”, “Cookie Cutter B*****s”, “Business Is”, “Hopeless”, and NayNay took the stage over with her dancing during “Gettin It” (I wish I caught that on film).

I think by request Snow did “Don’t Judge Me” before getting her performance filmed for her upcoming music video for “Bout That Life”.  She also did my favourite song off the mixtape, “Hola”, before wrapping up her set with “Good Nights”.  She ended her set early so she could make time to meet everyone in the building and sign autographs (respects to the dude who took my pic for me!).  Overall it was a dope set; the only thing I wish she did was add “You’re Welcome” and/or “So Dope” to her set list, not because Tech N9ne is on those songs but because she KILLED those verses!  I can’t complain though, she put on a great show and I think the venues will just get bigger and bigger with the more music she releases.  She’s also really pleasant to meet in person; pretty soon these crowds are going to get too big for her to meet every single fan like she did on this tour.

Wrongbar proved to be a good venue for small hip hop shows.  It kind of reminds me of a combination between Nocturne Nightclub and The Hoxton.  There are VIP booths right next to the stage (like The Hoxton), the bar near the back (like Nocturne), and there are cushioned seats along the side where short people like me could stand when the crowd got too tall for us to see.  The only downside was they didn’t have a coat-check, which made me not want to get all sweaty in the mosh pit.

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