My #3 Favourite Album of 2014: ¡Mayday! & Murs – ¡MursDay!

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This album came out of nowhere and rocked my summer.  Sometime in the first or second quarter of the year it was announced that underground hip-hop veteran Murs had signed to Strange Music.  Shortly afterwards, we heard that he would be collaborating with ¡Mayday!, and I think it was only about a month later that the album was released.  I can’t say I’m the biggest Murs fan, but he has made a solid, respectable discography over the past decade, and I thought this collaboration would be pretty cool.  ¡Mayday! just has that sound that brings out the best from the artists they work with, and I personally find their albums more appealing than lead vocalist Wrekonize’s solo work.  After hearing this album, I can say Murs fits right in with them.

The album starts with Murs telling us how he flew out to Miami to work on the album with ¡Mayday!, and how proud he is of how it turned out.  After the short 1-minute “Intro”, we get right into the music, with Murs, Bernz and Wrekonize taking turns rapping six bars at a time over the band’s production.  The party rocks on with “Zones” and “My Own Parade” before a more mellow track, “New Toys (Hey Love)”.  The album then alternates between hype and mellow tracks, with “Brand New Get Up” being a song to dance to and “Serge’s Song” taking Nas’ concept from “One Love” and applying it to a different story.  Murs, Bernz and Wrekonize rap back-and-forth again on “Beast Out The Box”, a breakdance track with a 1970’s feel to it, before a fun materialistic track with “Bitcoin Beezy” (Murs has an ironic line “she’ll never leave me like I’m Baby & she’s Weezy”).  The album gets mellow again, as Wrekonize shows off his singing abilities on the last couple songs before the bouncy “Spiked Punch”, which transitions into the “Outro” where Murs gives a ton of shoutouts.

Overall, ¡MursDay! is a really fun album from beginning to end.  Murs’ personality and slower-paced rapping compliments Bernz’ loud voice and Wrekonize’s speedy raps well on vocals.   While almost every Strange Music album has at least one guest appearance from Tech N9ne, it was surprising not to see any guest features on this album, although they didn’t need any.  Murs, Bernz and Wrek give the perfect variety in vocals, and ¡Mayday! as a band provides a wide range of vibes throughout the album.  ¡Mayday! continues to be musical gold, and Murs is now more fun to listen to over their production.  As I wrote earlier in the countdown, Strange Music has a bright future ahead of it, as they no longer need to rely on Tech N9ne to put out great music.

My Grade: A

My Joint:


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