Review: The 2017 NXNE Port Lands Festival in Toronto (via CulturedVultures)

This past weekend, NXNE returned with their second annual “festival within a festival” at the Port Lands.  After putting on several club shows throughout the week curated by well known artists picking some lesser known favourites to perform, NXNE tried to make their weekend celebration bigger and better than last year.  The Port Lands Festival was extended from two days to three, and our friends at came through with the assist in securing us a media pass to cover the entire event!

While last year we only covered the one day dedicated to Hip-Hop (featuring Ghostface Killah and Schoolboy Q), this year had a more eclectic mix of artists on each day, with Hip-Hop spread out in small doses throughout the weekend.  It was a risky move for NXNE to abandon the way it organized its lineups by having each day dedicated to certain groups of genres, and we were there to let you know how well it paid off from a fan’s perspective.  Check out our full review of the festival on using the links below:

Day One (featuring Post Malone)

Day Two (featuring Kaytranada, Tinie Tempah)

Day Three (featuring The Soul Rebels & Talib Kweli, Lizzo)



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