Concert Review: Snow Tha Product at Adelaide Hall in Toronto


It’s a long, tough grind becoming known as a lasting artist in the music industry, and Snow Tha Product has been working her way there for ten years. Going from selling CDs out of her car to now being able to tour North America on a regular basis, she’s come a long way, and still has a long path ahead of her. With a steady output of mixtapes, music videos, and concert tours, the Mexican MC from California and Texas has made a name for herself in the U.S., but is just starting to break ground in Canada. In 2014 she performed her very first show in Canada at Toronto’s Wrongbar; this show at the slightly larger Adelaide Hall would be her first time returning since then.

Since the last time she was here, Snow Tha Product has released two mixtapes, an EP, several loose singles, and has kept up her vloging on her WokeTV Youtube channel. Most recently, she’s teamed up with her artists AJ Hernz, Castro Escobar, LexTheGreat and DJ Pumba to release her Vibe Higher mixtape, and they’ve all embarked on this Vibe Higher Tour together. The tour kicked off on June 1st in Milwaukee and is set to take them all over the U.S. through the end of July, with this stop in Toronto being the only show north of the border. Besides Snow, this would be the squad’s first time coming to Canada, and would be my first time hearing any of their music (I was late getting to the new mixtape).

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I got to Adelaide Hall about an hour after doors had opened, and the place was already packed with fans dancing to trap records being spun by DJ Pumba. LexTheGreat was on stage playing hypeman to the tracks, and eventually AJ Hernz came out for the first performance of the night. While AJ Hernz acknowledged that his singing isn’t the rapid-fire rap that fans came to hear, he still got the crowd energized, with the bass in his instrumentals shaking the room. After getting the crowd to dance to his singles like “Blue Faces,” AJ Hernz passed the mic to Castro Escobar, who performed some Texas-styled rap.

While AJ Hernz ended his set by giving a motivational speech about overcoming hearing loss to still record music and go on tour, Castro started off with a disclaimer that he was just experiencing vertigo symptoms backstage, but would still give it a go. His set seemed to fly by, as I went to go get a drink and by the time I got back, he was on his last song, “On Deck.” The song is of course featured on the Vibe Higher mixtape, and to everyone’s surprise, Snow Tha Product came out to perform her verse on the song with him! There was no waiting between sets, as her surprise appearance transitioned right into her headlining performance.


Snow cranked the energy up right away, performing a throwback with her 2013 single “Hola,” her crew throwing water on the crowd during the hooks. She then scoped out her day-one fans, going back to her 2011 album Unorthodox with “Drunk Love.” Diving deeper into an RnB vibe, she got the crowd to light up the room with their cell phones as she performed “Nights,” and then turned the energy back up with her new trap-flavoured single “Help A Bitch Out.” She paused to tell the crowd “I’m having a blast for only three songs in!”

Wanting to keep the energy levels high, Snow started to perform her 2016 track “Get Down Low” when a mosh pit broke out. With a lot of ladies in the crowd trying to avoid getting hit, Snow cut the track off to break up the mosh pit, getting the boys to move to separate corners and mellowing things out with the sassy “Waste of Time.” She continued to rock tracks off the new mixtape with her guys on stage, and decided to bring some ladies up to dance with her as she rapped in Spanish. As a solution to the mosh pit fiasco, she brought a new artist named Jandro to perform a couple tracks while she went to take shots of tequila with the fans she brought on stage (his first song was actually called “Tequila”). They directed the mosh pit-goers to do their thing in the back of the dance floor as Jandro laced them with a high-energy track to rage to.


When Snow returned to the stage, she performed the more aggressive “AyAyAy,” getting the crowd to chant along to the chorus. It was a full on party at this point, with the ladies on stage having a twerk-off and large balloons being tossed around the dance floor. Snow, Castro, and LexTheGreat all got on the mic to perform the “Vibe Higher Cypher” they released just before going on tour, and Snow followed up with “Get Down Low,” this time getting through the whole song without anyone getting hurt. Snow then got into some of her more relationship-focused songs like “Let You Go,” as well as new joints off of Vibe Higher like “Get That” and “Gimme Time,” showing off her singing abilities.

Next, Snow performed her newest single, the DRAM-assisted “Myself,” getting everyone to sing the chorus with her. Nearing the end of her set, she started taking fan requests, which led to a performance of the 2016 single “No Lie,” as well as another fan getting a body part autographed for a tattoo. Snow then pulled another throwback from her catalogue with 2013’s “Gettin It,” with Jandro and Lex having a dance-off during the choruses. Snow then spoke on the challenges maneuvering through the music industry as a Mexican and as a woman, and how the next song “I Don’t Wanna Leave” is about not giving up.


At this point, Snow had been performing for almost two hours. One of the fans she had brought on stage wanted water poured on her, and so Snow performed “Help A Bitch Out” a second time as her crew helped make the water throwing look sexy for her. Snow then closed out the show by performing “Myself” a second time, which she said means a lot to her after overcoming depression. She jumped down into the crowd and walked around the entire club as she rapped the song one last time.

Snow Tha Product’s concert was an epic party to go to. This had to be one of the most energized crowds I’ve seen all year, with constant energy flowing on the dance floor from before the performers even hit the stage! Snow really gave her all to the fans, from performing in the crowd, to signing autographs, doing shots and taking requests. She wasn’t afraid to get messy and ruin her makeup while performing, and the crowd gave that energy and effort right back to her. With the way Toronto showed up for Snow Tha Product tonight, it should be safe to say that she’ll be coming back more frequently.


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